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THE HIDDEN TREASURE (Only Available as an E-book)

THE HIDDEN TREASURE (Only Available as an E-book)

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The Art of Searching Within

Author: José Tolentino Mendonça
Copyright: 2014
First Printed: 1-10-2014

Only available as an E-book
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It brings great joy to find a treasure. But, to find is not yet to hold. So often the spiritual life is taken up with the painstaking, prolonged, patient and earnest search for the One whom we have already found. We would not be looking for God unless we had already found him, but the longing for an unconditional love makes us realize that the first encounter is only the beginning. There is always a new horizon that God opens before us. Paradoxically finding a treasure puts us once again back on the road in search of it. In the words of T.S. Eliot, we are "explorers, always moving into intensity, for further union, for deeper communion."

The spiritual reflections in this book take up the theme of the life-long quest for the treasure of God's love - a treasure that we stumble across, find, lose, and search for again, a treasure that we must sometimes hide for, if we show it off before we posses it fully, we may endanger and even lose what we thought was ours too soon.

About the Author: José Tolentino Mendonça is a Portuguese priest and poet. A specialist in Biblical Studies, he is noted for applying both rigor and creativity to the themes and texts of Sacred Scripture, maintaining a sensitive dialogue with current-day questions. The relationship between Christianity and culture is one of his key interests. In 2011 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him a consultant to the Pontifical Council for Culture. He spent the academic year 2011-12, as Straus Fellow at New York University, coordinating a team of guest researchers engaged in the study of 'Religion and Public Space'.

Book: 134 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-1365-5
Prod. Code: 1365-5