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A Cross-reference of Sainted Relationship

Author: Vincent J. O'Malley, C.M.
Copyright: 1995
First Printed: 05-17-1995

We are, largely, who we are because of the friendships we have and cultivate. The saints, by and large, were blessed with saintly relatives, friends and companions. Sharing a common vision, a common way of life, a mutual bond of affection for one another and for God, and a common desire to make the Lord known, loved and served are characteristic of the saints in each of the ten categories of relationships set forth in this volume on saintly companions. Husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, teachers and students, masters and disciples, co-founders, co-workers, and co-martyrs are all included in this compendium of saints. Enhanced by a comprehensive appendix of cross references, this work will be of interest to scholar and lay person alike interested in knowing more about the saints and how they became such “with a little help from their friends.”

About the Author: Executive Vice President of Niagara University and an Instructor in the Department of Religious Education, Vincent J. O’Malley, CM, holds Master’s Degrees in History, Theology, and Divinity and a BA in Philosophy. He is on the Board of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Buffalo and serves on the Buffalo Council on World Affairs. In 1992 he was made a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the International Honor Society in History. This is his first book for Alba House.

Book: 381 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0693-0
Prod. Code: 0693-6