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Spiritual Reflections with Edward J. Farrell

Compiled and Ed. by Lynn L. Salata

This is not so much a book to be read at one sitting as it is a work that invites contemplation, a book you set aside once a passage enkindles something in your heart that draws you into prayer. For it Lynn Salata has selected some choice pearls from eight of the published books of Father Edward J. Farrell, adding a brief reflection of her own. Through his inspiring words, Father Farrell's message has touched the hearts and lives of thousands bringing them a new sense of self, a new sense of God, and a new sense of themselves in God and God in them. This synopsis will be welcomed by those who know him and will introduce his work to others, inviting them to enter more fully into his gentle, contemplative approach to prayer. His writing is as dynamic and compelling today as when his first book, Prayer is a Hunger, was published in 1972. The hope of the authors is that readers will be inspired to raise their minds and hearts to God on beams of prayer.

About the Author: Father Edward J. Farrell, well-known writer and spiritual director from the Archdiocese of Detroit, is the author of Prayer is a Hunger (Dimension Books, 1972), Surprised by the Spirit (Dimension Books, 1973), Disciples and Other Strangers (Dimension Books, 1974), The Father Is Very Fond of Me (Dimension Books, 1975), Celtic Meditations (Dimension Books, 1976), Can You Drink This Cup? (Dimension Books, 1978), Free to Be Nothing (Liturgical Press, 1989), Gathering the Fragments (Ave Maria Press, 1987; Alba House, 1999), Little Banquets for Ordinary People (Alba House, 2000), and No One Else Can Sing My Song (Alba House, 2001). Lynn L. Salata, personal growth consultant and motivational speaker, offers seminars, workshops and retreats focused on personality development, enriched relationships, and spiritual growth with emphasis on helping participants to live life deeply and with joy every day.

Book: 164 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0856-9
Prod. Code: 0856-4

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