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Author: Lorene Hanley Duquin
Copyright: 2001
First Printed: 04-16-2001

Perhaps you’ve seen the huge crowds Pope John Paul II always seems to draw on his visits around the world or maybe you’ve been impressed by the way young people relate to this old man and you’re curious to know why. Maybe you have a close friend or relative who’s Catholic and you’d like to know what makes them tick. It may be a church affair, a wedding, a funeral, a baptism, a celebration of the Mass that has you wondering. Or perhaps you’ve heard in the media something about the Church’s teaching on divorce, abortion, contraception, euthanasia, homosexuality, and other issues and you’d like to know why the Catholic Church holds fast to its own teachings while the rest of the world seems to be marching to another drummer. What is it that makes the Catholic Church so unique? Why would anyone want to be a Catholic? Could you ever become a Catholic? Then the real issues begin to emerge: What would be expected of me? What would my family and friends say? What about my kids, my spouse, my in-laws? How does someone become a Catholic? Why might I need an annulment from an earlier marriage and how would I go about getting one? Then there’s always the matter of Confession. All of these questions and many more are addressed in this book by individuals who have asked them too. The ultimate decision as to what you will do with your life is always a free choice which no one, not even God, will force you to make. Still, if you were ever curious about who converts to Catholicism and why, or whether you could ever become a Catholic, you will find much to ponder here.

About the Author: A graduate of Canisius College and freelance writer whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, McCall’s, Redbook, Ladies’ Home Journal, Our Sunday Visitor and Catholic Digest, Lorene Hanley Duquin is the prize-winning author of the highly-acclaimed work chronicling the life of Catherine de Hueck Doherty, They Called Her the Baroness (Alba House, 1995, 1999). Long active in the “Come Home Lecture Series” sponsored by her home diocese of Buffalo, New York, Lori is also the author of Could You Ever Come Back to the Catholic Church? (Alba House, 1997) and, with her son Christopher, Could You Ever Become a Catholic Priest? (Alba House, 1998). She and her husband are the parents of four college-age children.

Book: 190 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0889-7
Prod. Code: 0889-0

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"Wow! You've done it again. I'm more impressed with this book than with any of the others. The thing I like most is the dispassion. The word 'could' is the operative word. At each turn the reader is left entirely free with no sales pitch. The objectivity is clean and forthright. You could have written it for pastors to give to their confused and doubtful congregants and named it 'Could You Ever Become a Real Catholic.' Catholics should read this book as a way of understanding their faith better. The section on converts was terrific; so, too, the chapter, 'When You Marry a Catholic." This book is a masterpiece... an encyclopedia of wisdom, doctrine, human understanding and love." --Rev. John Catoir, Founder and Director of St. Jude's Media Ministries and the author of several very popular Alba House titles including Enjoy the LordGod Delights in YouWorld Religions, and Where Do You Stand with the Church?.


"As a parish pastoral associate, a fair amount of my time and energy is spent in conversation with people asking themselves: Could I ever become a Catholic? Sometimes the question is raised formally in an inquiry session within the context of the rite of Christian initiation of adults, but quite often it is couched more subtly in a conversation that begins, "You know, I've always wondered why you Catholics...." Because there is a considerable amount of curiosity about and attraction to Catholicism, I am always on the lookout for resources to help me address "seekers," which is why I was inspired to read Duquin's book. I was slightly dubious of the text given the book's cover which shows a man in a marching-band uniform peering into a church through a stained glass window. I wondered whether the content would be presented in an overly casual manner, perhaps not worth the effort of one seeking serious answers. It turns out, however, to be not at all the case. The book is divided into nineteen relatively brief chapters, each covering in a straightforward way an issue or question relevant to an inquirer's experience. Topics range from the philosophical ("The Search for God") to the practical ("Why Would I Need an Annulment?) to the interpersonal ("What Will my Family and Friends Say?"). These are explored with a fine balance of Catholic teaching placed in conversation with the life experiences of those seeking answers. The grounding in personal experience gives this book its particular strength. Voices of real people from around the United States, woven into the chapters, capture in surprisingly eloquent ways the profound search for meaning in which many are engaged. For example, "I couldn't stop asking questions. I was awakened in the middle of the night with questions. That is definitely God's call. It is a thirsting for the truth." Such voices bespeak an honesty hard to deny. That is true even of those who ultimately choose not to become Catholics. Who will find the book helpful? Individuals who are considering becoming Catholic will find much value in Duquin's presentation of the Catholic faith. The book may have broader appeal, however. Parish staffs, catechists, and particularly persons who work with Christian initiation will find here a pastoral presentation of the faith, a good resource indeed. It is positive to hear the voices of persons who are finding a home in the Catholic Church. And it affirms the statement from Dignitatis humanae that "truth can impose itself... only in virtue of its own truth, which wins over the mind with both gentleness and power." --A.R. in Church, Fall 2002


"The book arrived in the mail yesterday. Not only did I read it from cover to cover last night, but I found it to be absolutely fascinating.... So many of the conversion stories are right on the money! I hope it sells a million plus!" --Peter Swicker, contributor whose story is in Chapter 18


"I believe that this little book will be of great assistance to those people of faith all over the country who have begun to consider crossing the Tiber.... Having many contacts in the 'world of Catholic converts,' Ill certainly get the word out on this book. Great job!" -- William Durst, contributor whose story is in Chapter 7

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