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Author: Carmen L. Caltagirone

For 20 years, the author was given countless opportunities to experience “the wondrous magic of people,” as she calls it. “I have shared in their pain and confusion, their healing and their growth. I have witnessed the astounding transformations that result when two or more people bond together in intimate love or friendship. When the power of God is recognized in such a relationship, the effect can be overwhelming.” And she con¬cludes by saying, “I now realize in a profound way that we are meant to seek the face of God in every face we meet.”

This little book explores friendship as sacrament, showing how our deeply personal relationships are meant to be at once a sign and an affirmation of God’s boundless, constant love. To in¬spire in the reader a renewed passion for God, for one another and for all of life is the reason this book was written.

About the Author: Carmen L. Caltagirone is the spiritual director for ALPHA, a home for unwed mothers, and is the Assistant Principal of the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa, Florida. For the last few years, she has also been an associate member of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, New York Province. She served as theology teacher and chairperson of the Theology Department of Tampa Catholic High School for 12 years and has also been a hospital chaplain and a parish youth minister. The author of The Catechist As Minister (Alba House, 1982), she has lectured and written ex¬tensively on the subject of personal spiritual development.

Book: 115 pages
ISBN 0-8189-0532-8
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