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Rev. Stephen J. Rossetti, PhD, D. Min. CEO
and President of St. Luke’s Hospital, Silver Springs, MD

Consultant to the Bishop’s Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse Talks


1) Crisis and Beyond - 47 minutes

2) The Priest as a Man of Communion - 51 minutes
3) Renewal of the Priesthood - 56 minutes
4) Priestly Celibacy and Human Sexuality - 52 minutes
5) Christian Optimism and Joy - 39 minutes

The Church is certainly experiencing troubling times as it tries to cope with clergy sexual abuse and its effects. There is much finger pointing and placing of blame while trying to understand what went wrong and why.

Fr. Rossetti is an experienced priest and counselor to hundreds of sexual abusers as well as victims. He applies much of his personal experiences to give understanding and light to the present crisis. He holds that the Church (bishops, priests and lay people) beginning with the crisis must move through and beyond it while overcoming anger, judgmentalism and lack of communion. The Church needs to draw together in communion as the problem is resolved.

Renewal, conversion and purification must become foremost in the life of the priest as his spirituality permeates his sexuality and celibacy, drawing him into an ever more unique intimacy with Christ.

The priest is called to respond to the challenges of an over-sexualized society and the prevalent narcissism of our day by being humble, chaste, transparent, open and accountable. The celibate commitment is a spiritual reality that looks at joy both in and beyond the cross.

Fr. Rossetti’s talks are highly recommended for all bishops, priests, deacons, church leaders, seminarians, etc. There is hope and there is joy as we deal with the crisis and willingly move through and beyond it.

Produced in collaboration with the National Institute for Clergy Formation of Seton Hall University.

5 CDs
Prod. Code: CD-488

Author: Rev. Stephen J. Rossetti PhD D.Min. CEO & Silver Springs MD

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