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A Gospel Mosaic

Author: Edward J. Farrell

“We live our lives in bits and pieces,” writes the au¬thor. “Each of us is but a fragment of the gospel, a fragment of the whole Christ. Only together do we mirror something of the fullness of Christ.” In put¬ting together the pieces of the mosaic, each reflecting a piece of our lives in our broken world, we begin to see the broader picture, and what it means to live a life that is truly focused on Jesus. Father Farrell’s reflections arise out of his pastoral experiences in an inner-city Detroit parish with an active-contemplative approach to daily living. Among the subjects he treats are prayer, the Eucharist, discipleship, the priesthood, remembrance and taking time to be with God. His writing reflects deep insights into faith and human nature and his way of sharing observations about life and death fills even the most ordinary moments with a sense of reverence and the presence of God. He writes with an immediacy that evokes among his readers the hope, desire and determination to live more fully a Christian life of love and prayer.

About the Author: Father Edward J. Farrell, well-known writer, re¬treat master and spiritual director at Sacred Heart Seminary (Arch¬diocese of Detroit), is the author of Prayer is a Hunger, Surprised by the Spirit, Disciples and Other Strangers, The Father is Very Fond of Me, Celtic Meditations, Can You Drink This Cup? (Dimension Books), Free to Be Nothing (Michael Glazier), Beams of Prayer (with Lynn L. Salata), Little Banquets for Ordinary People, and No One Else Can Sing My Song (Alba House). Gathering the Fragments was a book club selection of Spiritual Book Associates and R.P. Book Club of England.

Book: 120 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0860-6
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