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Third Revised and Updated Edition

Author: Thomas J. O'Donnell, S.J.
Copyright: 1996
First Printed: 02-04-1997

An update of his classic work first published under the same title in 1976 and revised in 1991, O’Donnell comprehensively treats law and morality, the basic principles of moral decision-making, human life, surgery and suppressive surgery, pregnancy and delivery, marriage, and professionalism in medicine. He dialogues extensively with the writings of Catholic moralists and medical experts and in several appendices gives the texts of five key papal and episcopal documents. Regarding the 1991 edition, John P. Mullooly, MD, editor of The Linacre Quarterly, had this to say: “How good it is to read a book outlining the principles of medical ethics which adhere to solid Catholic teaching. Medicine and Christian Morality is such a book. Those who are involved in the health care field be he/she physician, nurse, administrator, pastoral care worker, interested layman, theologian or philosopher will find this volume written by Fr. Thomas J. O’Donnell a veritable treasure. It is with enthusiasm that we recommend this book to the public who are looking for answers in these confusing times in medicine.”

About the Author: A consultant to the Catholic Conference Committee for Continuing Directives for Catholic Health Facilities and the Judicial Council of the American Medical Association, Father Thomas J. O’Donnell, SJ, writes and lectures widely in the field of medical ethics, a specialty which has won him recognition both in the United States and abroad. His book onMedicine and Christian Morality has long been recognized as an indispensable text in the field.

Book: 366 pages
ISBN-10: 0-8189-0765-7
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