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Author: Andrew J. Gerakas, DMin
Copyright: 2006
First Printed: 06-05-2006

The Eucharist is Christ’s gift to His followers to sustain them as they journey to their eternal home. It is the source and summit of the Church’s life and mission. As a sacrament, it is a visible sign of Christ’s abiding presence, body, blood, soul and divinity in our midst under the appearance of bread and wine. But what does this mean? The chapter on Theosis delves into this mystery. How can Christians of the East and West receive the Lord worthily? What must we bring to the altar? The Eucharist is unifying because, when we receive the Lord, we enter more deeply into our relationship with Him as His brothers and sisters. Yet, though recognizing the legitimacy of each other’s celebrations, there is still division between the two Churches. Both have a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the “all holy one.” It is she who brought forth Jesus. She is the Theotokos, the mother of God, the mother of Him who is present in the Eucharist. She is also the mother of all the faithful in the order of grace. How the Churches of the East and the West, who claim the same holy mother, prepare for, gather, and consume their heavenly bread is explored in these pages. The biblical background and history of the Eucharist in the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches and a comparison of current practices will be found here as well, along with chapters on our Jewish and Greek heritage. Also reviewed are some of the doctrinal and organizational differences that inhibit a return to intercommunion, the ultimate goal of both Churches in their desire to fulfill the Lord’s prayer “that all may be one.”

About the Author: Baptized and confirmed in the Orthodox Church, Andrew J. Gerakas, D. Min., has been a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church for some 25 years. It has been his lifelong dream and daily prayer before the Blessed Sacrament that the Churches of East and West will soon “break bread” together again at the same table of the Lord. His book, The Rosary and Devotion to Mary, now in its second printing, was published by St. Paul’s Books & Media in 1988.

Book: 156 pages
ISBN-10: 0-8189-1228-6
Prod. Code: 1228-6

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"The Eucharist and ecumenical relations with the Eastern Churches are important topics that have been the focal points of much theological discussion in recent years. It is therefore fitting that Deacon Andrew Gerakas' The Origin and Development of the Holy Eucharist: East and West brings together these two realities in an enjoyable book that contains a number of insights into how theology of the Eucharist developed and which compares teh Orthodox and Catholic Theology of the Eucharist. 
Deacon Andrew Gerakas' The Origin and Development of the Holy Eucharist: East and West covers a lot of material in a short amount of speace. While at times he is cursory in some of the initial chapters, the second half of the book makes up for what may be lacking by providing insights into Orthodox practice and perspectives that many Catholics may not know. Perhaps one of the advantages to the book's short length and easily readable style is that people will not feel intimidated when they pick it up and begin to read. This book is a fine introduction for general readers who want to learn more about the Eucharist and some of the issues involved in the reconciliation of the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches." -- Rev. Mr. Anderson in The Dunwoodie Review

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