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Author: Fabrizio Contessa
Copyright: 1999
First Printed: 10-05-1999
Reprints: 2004

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina is known throughout the world as the friar of the stigmata who was able to read consciences and to obtain, in the obscurity of his confessional, countless prodigies of conversion and healing. Every year, millions of persons go on pilgrimage to his tomb and the memory of his sanctity continues to produce marvelous gifts of grace. The signs of the passion of Jesus impressed on his flesh and the impressive series of healings obtained through his prayers eloquently point to our human limitations and the power of God working through instruments of his choice.

The beatification of Padre Pio on May 2, 1999 drew record-breaking crowds to Rome and the intercession of this holy friar continues to be invoked by the faithful from every land. This is the story of his life, illustrated with color photos from one of his innumerable Masses. May it inspire many to a life of greater faith.

Book: 91 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0826-2
Prod. Code: 0826-2


"Padre Pio, by Fabrizio Contessa, translated by Edmund C. Lane; popular style biography in hand-sized (4.25" x 7") 96-page soft cover text; illustrated with full color photos of Padre Pio celebrating Mass, plus well-known black and white pictures. Along with the biography, there is a section of "Devotion" (famous places, prayers, etc.)." --Crux of the News, February 7, 2000.


"Crippled by original sin, but open to God's grace and with unequivocal trust in God can best explain the life and 'success' of Padre Pio. This pithy life of Padre Pio presents the humble stigmatic Capuchin friar priest in a believable portrait, charming and inspiring. Reading this 'old wine' was as refreshing as my initial reading of his life when a student. And Edmund Lane's translation from the Italian reads easily. Affirming and encouraging to me was the retelling of his response to the voice of authority and the papal comments on his Capuchin Franciscan priesthood, the altar and the confessional. Obedience in religious life can be a vise unless you have Padre Pio's mindset: 'When I go along with my superior, I go along with God.' And in my 69 years, 43 as a friar priest, those diocesan and religious priests remembered when they are dust are those who made the altar and confessional the pillars of their priesthood as did Padre Pio. Of special note are the thumbnail sketches of places made famous by Padre Pio's presence. Of equal merit is passing mention of the impact of the Capuchin friar Camillo who while on the quest for alms would tell the children stories about St. Francis. It reminded me of our own Brother Florian Lalis, O.F.M. who is well remembered by today's adults who first met him as children. The power of example!... Impressive to me were the seven colored pictures of Padre Pio [celebrating Mass]. For a short, informative, accurate and inspirational life of Blessed Padre Pio, this is the book." --Rev. Matthew Brozovic, OFM in the January 2000 issue of Pastoral Life

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