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Practical Considerations

Authors: T. Jerome Overbeck, S.J. & Rudy T. Marcozzi
Copyright: 2002
First Printed: 06-05-2002
Reprints: 2007

Prepared by a priest and a music coordinator who over the past twenty-five years have helped hundreds of couples prepare to celebrate their weddings in the Catholic Church, this book provides in a few brief pages an extraordinary amount of practical considerations regarding such matters as: who makes the final decisions, what paper work is required by the Church and by the State, how and when should plans be made for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, how to handle family and in-law problems, why is time alone together so essential, what are the liturgical options available for the couple, what are the roles of the various members of the wedding party, what about witnesses, licenses, baptismal and confirmation certificates, seating arrangements, processions, recessions, the readings, the vows, the rings, the unity candle, flowers for the Blessed Virgin’s altar, music, costs, etc., etc. Each chapter makes use of a short story related to the authors’ experiences to illustrate the points that follow. The material covered in this handy guide will save couples planning their Catholic wedding an untold amount of time, money and, above all, grief. It is hoped that, as a result, they will enjoy a particularly engaging, joyous and prayerful wedding liturgy.

About the Authors:
Father T. Jerome Overbeck, SJ, PhD, is University Liturgist at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. His pastoral sensitivity, attention to detail and warm presidential style are evident in the wise counsel he provides in the pages of this little book.

Dr. Rudy T. Marcozzi is Associate Professor of Music Theory at Roosevelt University and Musical Associate for University Ministry at Loyola University, Chicago. He is a church musician who has collaborated with Fr. Overbeck for more than twelve years in making weddings truly memorable occasions for all.

Book: 86 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0904-7
Prod. Code: 0904-8

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"Practical marriage preparation: With more than 25 years of preparing for weddings behind them, T. Jerome Overbeck, SJ and music professor Rudy T. Marcozzi present their experiences as help for brides and grooms as they consider the practical decisions and needs (about processions, flowers, rehearsals, documents, etc.) facing them in their ceremony. In Preparing Your Catholic Wedding: Practical Considerations a wealth of information is offered to make the decision-making process easier and more stress free. One of the best pieces of advice: Schedule time as a couple away from the preparation to be together -- alone -- to do something other than wedding errands, etc. A good gift for any bride and groom." --Crux of the News, August 12, 2002

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