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A Spirituality for Leaders

Authors: Timothy Brown SJ & Patricia Sullivan RSM
Copyright: 1997
First Printed: 05-23-1997
Reprints: 2002

Good leaders need to set their own hearts on fire before they can hope to set the world ablaze. By drawing parallels between the evolution of modern management theories and the leadership characteristics of the greatest leader of all time, Jesus Christ, this book presents practical tools in the form of contemplative readings, prayers, questions and exercises to help adults reflect upon their own leadership style and spiritual resources in order to discover what they can do to become better leaders. In a world desperate for good, honest, caring leadership, this book makes the case that what’s needed most today is not the cultivation of corporate profits, but the cultivation of corporate prophets. Those at any level of leadership in business, education, health care institutions, parishes, dioceses and religious communities will find much here to assist them in becoming more effective leaders.

About the Authors: Timothy Brown, SJ, Special Assistant to the president, Associate Professor of Law, and Co-director of Maryland’s Loyola College Center for Values and Service, has a reputation for his capable leadership of Loyola’s Jesuit service mission which, under his guidance has encouraged unprecedented undergraduate participation in community service projects from literacy training to helping the homeless poor throughout Baltimore, Appalachia and Mexico.

Patricia Sullivan, RSM, Regional President of the Sisters of Mercy, NewHampshire, holds master’s and doctoral degrees from the Harvard UniversitySchool of Public Health and advanced certificates in policy sciences from theUniversity of Maryland and in bioethics from Georgetown University’s KennedyInstitute of Bioethics. She has long been an advocate for social justice and healthcare issues.

Book: 142 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0771-5
Prod. Code: 0771-1

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"The authors make the interesting point that "prophets not profits" are what is needed to be cultivated today. The chapter heads spell LEADERSHIP: (1) Leadership; (2) Empowerment; (3) Attitude; (4) Dialogue; (5) Emotional Wisdom; (6) Renewal; (7) Shaping a Vision; (8) Hope; (9) Integrity; and (10) Prayerfulness. These titles alone show the width and breadth of Brown and Sullivan's perception of leadership. Authors from Origen and St. Ignatius Loyola to Robert Weiss and John Gardner are cited. The essence of the book, very simply put, is to reiterate what we know about leadership: A good leader brings righteousness, peace and joy to those over whom he or she may have authority. The wonderfully applicable prayers, many from the Psalms, re-echo the message -- not just to leaders but to all who have an authority role. It is a timely and timeless book! Good reading! --Arnold Rzepecki in Catholic Library World, March 1998

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