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Author: Bishop James A. Griffin

The new Catechism of the Catholic Church is a great gift to the world. It is an authentic and certain ref¬erence to what Catholics hold and practice in the areas of faith, worship, moral conduct and prayer. It is a challenging document which runs some 700 pages in all. In responding to questions at a conference when the Catechism was first introduced, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger spoke of the need for commentaries, summaries, and abridged editions of the Catechism to make it accessible to those who had neither the time nor the inclination to read the whole book or who did not feel the need for such an in depth consideration of its contents. This present work re¬sponds to that need. Special attention in this summary has been given to the Catholic culture in which most Catholics in the English speaking world live and work and pray. It will find a place as a handy compendium of the faith, useful to those who teach or study religion, are enrolled in religious education programs, or who have to address questions of faith and morals from the pulpit in a pastoral and easily un¬derstandable way.

About the Author: Bishop James A. Griffin studied in Rome at the North American College and spent many years serving the people of Cleveland, Ohio before being made Bishop of the Catholic Dio¬cese of Columbus. He brings to this work not only his vast experi¬ence as a pastor but his skills as a seasoned author as well, having written six other works for Alba House, including Reflections on the Law of Love (1991).

Book: 153 pages
ISBN: 0-8189-0714-2
Prod. Code: 0714-2

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