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Author: Herbert F. Smith, SJ
Copyright: 1991
First Printed: 09-29-1991
Reprints: 1994, 2001

In this volume, Father Smith rounds out his three-year cycle of practical, pertinent and popular reflections on the Word of God proclaimed from the pulpit each Sunday. Following his own advice he has kept his homilies short and to-the-point with brief, illustrated and often humorous stories which emphasize the main theme of the liturgical readings of the day. “Preaching,” he tells us, “must be the fruit of the preacher’s own prayed experience…[and] a good homily always serves up something to think about, something to emote over, something to aspire to, something to smile at, and something to believe. Most of all, it provides a truth of faith to live by”. These Sunday homilies succeed remarkably well in doing all these things.

About the Author: Internationally published author of spiritual and theological works, veteran retreat master and preacher of novenas and parish missions, F. Herbert F. Smith, SJ, was for nine years Province Director of the Apostleship of Prayer for the seven states of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus. He presently continues as its Director for the Archbishop of Philadelphia. The fact of his having spent almost a year in Israel, traveling, researching, and consulting scholars has given a flavor of immediacy to his homilies and spiritual writings. Fr. Smith is a frequent guest speaker on International Sacred Heart Radio and a member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars. In addition to Sunday Homilies, Cycle AB and C, he has also written Homilies on the Heart of Jesus and the Apostleship of Prayer (Alba House, 2000).

Book: 251 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0597-1
Prod. Code: 0582-4


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