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 Rev. Lawrence Boadt, CSP, SSD

“This tape series helps the listener to understand the Eucharist and the Holy Week liturgies in ways that satisfy the intellect, excite the imagination and stir the soul”.

This clear and careful analysis of Exodus and the Passover meal gives the listener a deeper appreciation of the Hebrew Scriptures as capturing the history and the mystery of God interacting with humanity. The blessing of the cups, the unleavened bread, the telling of the Exodus story and the singing of the Hallel Psalms, the praying for all exiles and victims of injustice, etc. all formed the basis for the meal the Jesus shared with his disciples. He relates the sacrificial and saving nature of the Passover meal to the events surrounding the Exodus.

The passing through the Red Sea, the manna in the desert and the other dramatic saving events are all related to Christ and the Eucharist. After illuminating the Passover meal within its historical and religious context gives presents the Eucharistic references found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul He then carefully relates the events of Psalm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday to the events of Exodus and First Century Jewish practices. This is an invaluable aid to liturgists and preachers looking for fresh insights into the truths that set people free.

Produced in collaboration with the National Institute for Clergy Formation of Seton Hall University.

5 CDs, 5 one hour talks, plus extensive outline
Prod. Code: CD-501

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