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Compiled by Sister Theodora
Copyright: 2000
First Printed: 09-25-2000

The main function of The Nameday Book is for the recording of anniversaries. To this end, it has the usual format of a birthday book, with several days to a page and a few lines under each feast for entering names of friends celebrating namedays, birthdays or other anniversaries on that day. A space is provided at the end of each month for recording the addresses of those celebrating anniversaries in that month. The Nameday Book also offers mini-biographies of almost 500 Saints, tells us the name and feast day of our individual patron, advises which Saints are patrons of places, arts, skills or trades, and includes more than 300 male and female name derivatives for those whose names are not immediately identifiable as Saints' names. The Nameday Book can also be used as a Liturgical Calendar — Saints taken from the universal calendar have been printed in bold large type, whereas the Saints and Blesseds selected from other sources are shown in smaller type. In researching this book, an attempt was made to select Saints whose names might be useful as Baptismal or Confirmation names in the new millennium.

Book: 158 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0883-5
Prod. Code: 0883-1


 "Congratulations on this attractive and informative publication. It is a beautiful way to celebrate and 'remember' anniversaires. I am sure some expectant mothers will also want to use it when they and their husbands are looking for names for their children." --Most Reverend Brendan M. O'Brien, Archbishop of St. John's, Newfoundland

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