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Images in the Spirituality of St. Catherine of Siena

Author: Giuliana Cavallini

The stuff of authentic spirituality is always re¬vealed in one’s daily life. The gift is to be able to see in the ordinary, the extraordinary super¬natural reality which lies hidden to most eyes. St. Catherine of Siena is a Doctor of the Church because she not only had that ability but she was able to con¬vey to others the spiritual truths and lessons which she found in mundane things such as fire and sparks, bread and milk, trees and hedges, needles and thread, tables and lamps and creatures of the land and air and sea. The author of this volume presents sixteen of the im¬ages most commonly employed by Catherine in her writings, and she does so by recreating the events of ordinary life which might have been the stimulus for these deeper insights. The book is an excellent source for anyone wishing to learn how to see God and hear Him speaking extraordinary truths in the midst of or¬dinary reality. It will appeal, therefore, to anyone who is open to the spiritual dimension of life.

About the Author: Giuliana Cavallini is well-known in the world of Catherinian scholarship, having produced critical editions of Catherine’s Dialogue and Prayers. A prolific writer and Director of the National Center for Catherinian Studies in Rome, she has taught in American universities and has at least two publications in English: St. Martin de Porres: Apostle of Charity (B. Herder Book Co., 1963) and The Dialogue by Catherine of Siena (Paulist Press, 1980).

Book: 155 pages
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