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Author: Lou Torok
Copyright: 1999
First Printed: 11-16-1999
Reprints: 2005

When you hurt, you are never alone, even though you may feel abandoned, misunderstood or even betrayed. Pain can isolate you to the point that you no longer know where to turn. All of us at one time or another in our lives suffer in one way or another. The task is to find a way to cope when we are in pain and to turn our crosses into sources of peace and joy through our compassionate concern for others who may be suffering even more than we. This little book is meant to assist in that endeavor through inspiring anecdotes, uplifting prayers and a list of places one can approach in order to find specific help and information on a wide variety of illnesses, relationships and hurtful situations.

About the Author: Lou Torok, the author of several self-help articles for a wide variety of magazines, spent much of his life following service in the U.S. Navy during World War II promoting the sale of newspapers and magazines for the William Randolph Hearst Syndicate in the promotion department of the San Francisco Examiner. The founder of Prison Pen Pals, he recently wrote the Abbey Press Care Notes pamphlet entitled Finding Hope When You Are in Prison. This book continues his discussion on finding hope in times of personal need.

Book: 95 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0874-3
Prod. Code: 0874-2

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"The manuscript is a gem. I had forgotten you wrote so well... so clearly; but more than the writing, it is the Spiritwhich triumphs in this labor of love. --Fr. John Catoir, Former Director of The Christophers, Presently Director ofEva's Place and St. Jude Media Ministries, Paterson, NJ 


"When You Hurt by Lou Torok is meant for everyone inasmuch as all of us at some time in our lives experience pain of body, mind or spirit. It is clear, convincing and easy-to-read. Torok's objective is to suggest "ways to cope when we are in pain and to turn our crosses into sources of peace and concern for others who may be suffering more than we." The booklet's recommendations are based on Christian perspectives of the problem: "We can understand and cope with suffering by pondering it in the pain and suffering of Jesus." The introduction presents a varied slate of people -- nuns, priests, acquaintances, professional people -- whom the author helped with extraordinary personal problems with his prayers and messages of advice and encouragement. He dedicates this book to all of them. Chapter One describes the continuing relationship Torok enjoyed with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, via letters, phone calls and personal meetings. She counseled him: "In His passion Jesus taught us to forgive out of love and to forget out of humility." Thus, Mother Teresa became Torok's personal saint throughout his life of writing, suffering and counseling. The remaining eleven chapters comprise a lode of powerful spiritual riches and personal encouragement for the reader. Torok peppers his chapters with philosophical and spiritual gems from the mouths of impressive and ordinary Christians -- Mother Teresa, poet Robert Frost, St. Augustine, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., psychiatrist Dr. Karl Menninger, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, poet Robert Browning, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte and Dr. Tom Dooley. In Chapter Eleven, "Life Is Not Fair," he finally recommends a panacea for hurt -- the virtue of hope. "Hope is not just something to develop when your entire world is turned upside down. It can be used to bring peace and happiness, any time the worry and anxiety of daily life become more than we think we can handle." These little gems of wisdom, spread liberally through the book, make When You Hurt a treasure trove of invaluable spiritual insights. Following the pages of philosophical and theological material is Chapter Twelve entitled "Healing Prayers and Thoughts." It is a twelve-page compilation of thirty prayers, meditations and poems from St. Augustine, Thomas Merton, Fulton J. Sheen, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., St. Teresa and others. These can counsel and console many who suffer the problems, hurts and pains of daily life. When You Hurt will sooth aching bodies and souls with a complete inspiring answer. It is, indeed, a mini-bible of love and consolation." --Jack Walsh in Pastoral Life, May 2000

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