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Conversations with Spiritual Fathers of the Christian East

Author: Serge Bolshakoff

This book is largely made up of conversations that Dr. Serge Bolshakoff had with monastic fathers of the Russian Orthodox Church. These took place through 50 years in Russia, Estonia, Finland, on Mount Athos, and in France. Many of them appeared, in a somewhat different form, in the book In Search of True Wisdom, now out of print.

These accounts have a vivid quality so that we can feel ourselves be¬ing drawn alongside the author into the presences of these great teach¬ers of life and religion as they talk with him. They are profoundly en¬lightening about Eastern Orthodox spirituality. These qualities derive from the nature of the encounters: they are between a man of devout Orthodox faith with an unusual skill for interviewing and then record¬ing what was said and men advanced in the life of prayer, some of whom were true mystics. There is a poetry in these writings. It breaks through in the descriptions of landscapes and monasteries. Thus trans¬formed they symbolize the deeper meaning of the text. The journey that Bolshakoff paints is an icon of the spiritual journey. In the course of these travels this searching man of God found much deep Chris¬tian meaning, and in these accounts he seeks to share it with us.

About the Author: Serge (Sergius) Bolshakoff was born in St. Petersburg in 1901, and studied civil engineering. In 1919, after the Russian Revolution, he moved to Estonia where he studied economics, sociology, and theology. He traveled widely in Europe in the cause of ecumenism and of social justice based on Chris¬tian ethics. In 1943, he received a doctorate in philosophy at Christ Church, Ox¬ford. He wrote many books, most notably Russian Mystics, a copy of which he personally presented to Pope John XXIII. After his fiancee died in a car accident in 1951, he went from monastery to monastery for a few weeks or months at a time writing, praying, and interviewing spiritual masters. He stayed at Hauterive Abbey in Switzerland from 1974 until his death in 1990.

Book: 222 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0836-1
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