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Author: Lucy Fuchs
Copyright: 1999
First Printed: 12-22-1999

What strong women these women of the Old Testament were! The roles that many of them were asked to play were difficult and challenging ones, but they were able to rise to the occasion. If they could not win by frontal assault, they won by charm or conniving. These were not plastic saints whose lives bear no resemblance to our own. In spite of the fact that thousands of years separate them from us, they seem as real as our next door neighbors. It is because Deborah and Judith, Esther and Eve, Susanna and Hannah, Naomi and Ruth and all the others are so real that they are worth reading and thinking about. “All Scripture,” St. Paul tells us, “was written for our instruction.” There is so much that modern-day women can learn from them. No matter whether they are wives or mothers or neither; no matter if they are ambitious or retiring, gentle or rambunctious; no matter if they are young and beautiful or old and wrinkled, there is someone in the Old Testament like them. These women were women of destiny. They tell the women of today that they, too, are women of destiny, whatever their path in life may be.

About the Author: Dr. Lucy Fuchs is the author of Forgiveness: God’s Gift of Love (Alba House, 1990), Gifts and Giving (Alba House, 1991) and We Were There: Women in the New Testament (Alba House, 1993). She received her Ph.D. in Education at the University of South Florida and is presently on the faculty of Education at Saint Leo College, Florida. An educator all of her adult life, she has taught in both Catholic and public schools in three states. She has written over a dozen books and published over 200 articles in a variety of periodicals.

Book: 144 pages
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ISBN-13: 978-0-8189-0863-7
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