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CONCHITA: A Mother's Spiritual Diary

CONCHITA: A Mother's Spiritual Diary

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A Mother's Spiritual Diary

Author: Marie-Michel Philipon, OP
Copyright: 1978
First Printed: 07-05-1978
Reprints: 1982, 1985, 1993, 2000, 2007

Conchita (1862-1937) lived her life in Mexico. For more than forty years, on the advice of her spiritual directors, she faithfully kept a spiritual diary. Drawing from 66 handwritten notebooks left by the mystic, Father Philipon has edited and compiled her principal message: the Cross, the Church, the Trinity. From this diary one can study step by step the journey of a privileged soul.
The life of Conchita is characterized by many facets. She fulfilled all the vocations of a woman: fiancée, wife, mother, grandmother, and even, by a special indulgence of Pius X, without being deprived of her family status, died canonically as a religious in the arms of her children.
She addresses herself to all categories of the People of God, to lay and to married people, to priests and to bishops, to religious and to all consecrated lives. By the profoundness of her writings Conchita rivals St. Catherine of Siena or St. Teresa of Avila.

About the Editor: This is the posthumous work of the great spiritual theologian, Marie-Michel Philipon, OP, a theological work on the spirit and doctrine of the Servant of God, Maria Concepción Cabrera de Armida (Conchita). This study occupied much of the last years of his life. He felt the spiritual message of this work is an important gift of Providence for the Church of today. The first contact Father Philipon had with Conchita’s life and doctrine took place during a trip to Mexico in 1954.

Book: 276 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0578-0
Prod. Code: 0578-6

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