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ABOVE THE SUN (E-book Only)

ABOVE THE SUN (E-book Only)

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The Search for Lasting Meaning In a Passing World

Author: Louis Bosco
Copyright: 2015
First Printed: 07-14-2015

Only available as an Ebook
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"Who am I?" "Where did I come from and where am I going?" "Why is there suffering in the world?" Drawing upon the teachings of Sacred Scripture and the Catholic Church, along with the works of philosophy, poetry, literature, and art, Above the Sun contemplates these questions on the deepest levels, presenting the reader with a clear contrast between following the way of the world and following the way of God. Only one of these ways will bring us lasting fulfillment, while the other will inevitably lead to discontent and despair and bring us, like the ancient writer of the Bible's book of Ecclesiastes, to the conclusion that "Vanity of vanities! All is vanity. There is nothing new under the sun."

From the time of mankind's fall from grace in the Garden of Eden down to the present day, we have been plagued by the inescapable realities of sin and death. Yet Jesus Christ has conquered these primordial adversaries of ours through His Cross and Resurrection. Above the Sun shows how in uniting ourselves to Him we discover our true worth and purpose, maintain a spirit of hopefulness in the midst of daily trials, and are steadily transformed from sinfulness to holiness, from death to life. In Jesus we not only receive the promise of future happiness in heaven - that realm above the sun - but we begin to experience that happiness in a real way here on earth.

Louis Bosco holds an MA in Theology and Christian ministry from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and currently serves as the Director of Religious Education at two parishes in the Diocese of Pittsburgh: Saint Alphonsus Parish in Wexford and Saint Vincent de Paul Parish in New Castle. He also currently serves as president of the Legion of Mary, Most Holy Name of Mary Praesidium.Louis and his wife, Mary Lou, live in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania with their children, Maria, Teresa, and Michael. He is also the author of Images of the Unseen: The Mysteries of Life Revealed in Sacred Art and Come and See: How the Teachings of the Catholic Church Lead Us to Christ.

Book: 188 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-1384-6
Prod. Code: 1384-6