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Wisdom and Guidance for Parents

Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Copyright: 2009
First Printed: 12-01-2008

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One of the most serious threats to the relationship between parents and their children at this age in the more so-called “developed” countries of the world is permissiveness. It is unfortunately all to common in our day. We all need limits; we all need to learn self-discipline. To escape the neurosis caused by a failure to accept limitations and the necessary imposition of reasonable rules, young people are often prone to temper tantrums and violent or aggressive conduct under the excuse that “they need their freedom,” whereas what they are really seeking is “the right to do whatever they please.” In this work Sheen masterfully addresses ever conceivable issue that parents can expect to confront in their relationships with their children as they grow into adulthood and helps them to approach these with love and deliberation.

About the Author: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (1895-1979) is no stranger to Catholics throughout the world who have read his books, watched him on television or heard his recorded messages on tape, radio or CD. His cause for canonization took another step forward at a Mass in the Cathedral of Peoria, Illinois on February 3, 2008 when the sealed documents needed for its introduction were sent to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome and his case was formally opened. Among his many books, ST PAULS is proud to have published: Divine Romance, Eternal Galilean, Guide to Contentment, Old Errors and New Labels, Prodigal World, Rock Plunged into Eternity, Seven Last Words, Seven Capital Sins, Those Mysterious Priests, Thoughts for Daily Living, Way to Inner Peace, Way to Happiness, Way of the Cross, Walk with God andYou.

Book: 144 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-1278-8
Prod. Code: 1278-2


Sheen meditations: With his extraordinary style, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen is still teaching and offering wisdom into this new age. Walk with God was first published in 1965, and was a best seller then. Its wisdom speaks as strongly to Catholics now. In 95 brief meditations, he covers every topic imaginable from sadness and doubt to teenage responsibility to the causes of violence, loneliness, forgiveness, and sympathy, to the way to ultimate blessedness. He divides the topics into Four Roads, followed by four types of persons who miss their mark in this life. Some are lost through their own stupidity and thoughtlessness; a second type are lost through the carelessness of others; still others go astray by deliberate choice; and the fourth type are lost because they are blind to their own sinfulness and need. Each one of these types is addressed by Jesus in his parables of the lost sheep, the lost coins, the prodigal son and the elder son. It is through those parables that Sheen frames the meditations, teaching readers the way Jesus taught. --Crux of the News, October 13, 2008