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365 DAYS WITH THE LORD 2023 (Green Cover)

365 DAYS WITH THE LORD 2023 (Green Cover)

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365 DAYS WITH THE LORD 2023 (Green Cover)

Editor: Ruben C. Areño SSP
Asst. Editor: Gil A. Alinsangan SSP
Editorial Coordinator: Buen Andrew D. Cruzr SSP
Copy Editor: Manuel F. Degoma

A yearly bestseller Bible diary that has continuously enjoyed the patronage of the clergy, the religious, and the laity throughout the English-speaking world.

The biblical texts are taken from the New American Bible, the official text of the liturgy in the United States.

This diary uses a well-researched Liturgico-Biblical approach for the Sunday and the daily Gospel reflections.

Book: 400 pages
ISBN: 1655-5457
Prod. Code: PC23GR

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