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Comprehensive Catechesis

Author: David J. Wilson
Copyright: 2006
First Printed: 05-16-2006

Those involved in catechetical and parish ministry will find the model set forth in these pages one that will enable them to better impart the faith and make it come alive in the hearts and lives of those with whom they share it. The goal of the book is to offer practical advice to those in parish ministry so that, by following the steps set forth in this process—from laying the foundation to putting the faith into practice by serving others—students will more easily assimilate and apply what is being taught to their various life situations. Each of its twelve chapters opens with a verse from Scripture that relates to the chapter's topic and purpose. Drawing heavily on the Church’s documents and the teachings of the bishops following the Second Vatican Council, the book takes a theological concept and applies it to practical experience. Faith is a gift of God; nurturing it is our gift to Him. This book shows us how we can do that most effectively.

About the Author: David Wilson is currently the Director of Religious Education at St. Ann Church and National Shrine in Metairie, Louisiana. He is married with four children and is currently attending Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Theology. Having worked in religious education for over eighteen years, David seeks to apply theological concepts and practical advice to the lay formation leader. A catechetical conference presenter, professional-level catechist, author and devoted Christian in continual search of a better understanding of God, David hopes to bring the Good News of God’s love to all people.

Book: 143 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0988-7
Prod. Code: 0988-9


          The author, a Director of Religious Education, desires to aid all catechists and their students. After a little studying of catechetical models, he decided to revitalize current models to satisfy our needs considering both process and content. By maintaining the past he could achieve today's requirement. Fortunately it became obvious that an entire parish could be involved in the program. Through research, prayer and application such a model evolved into this book. It is as if we, the Body of Christ, strengthen our faith and pass it on to all. Thus we grow in our love, knowledge and service of God. Any teacher is aware of the students who do not seem to care to learn anything, no matter how important it is for them. The intent is to handle religious instruction in a successful manner in our days, similiar to how Jesus modeled a method. This technique will allow us to find tools to enable us to use our current instruction to notice actual results in class. If the students do not quite understand, they might ask "So what?" Then we can explain how to do it.
          Throughout the chapters there are many valuable ideas which will aid us as catechetical leaders. A strong relationship with church members, its culture, and God, brings the parish together and builds a community. Evangelization is the next step. It keeps Christ as the center of our faith. Therefore catechists are to show people "the way". Catechesis is mostly what catechists do -- by using their experience, which will strengthen those who believe to be more mature in faith.
          Prayer and worship thrive in the Liturgy to assist all to grasp its rites, symbols and nature. Every individual can express love for God. To be truly Christ-like, we must work with justice, service and acts of mercy, not only in the family, but also in schools and parishes, political parties and trade unions. The example Jesus gave us was to be always ready to serve. The whole purpose of the Contemporary Catechetical model is to entice people to the wholeness of Christ's life. We should want to promulgate His message, to energize the community, and to influence people to pray and worship.; We can impart our faith in such a way that even the students will internalize Christ's message and will have a reason to do so. Each individual receives the gift of faith from God, but He expects us to nurture it. Catechists fulfill their duties regularly. It may not be widely appreciated. By instructing students and others about Christ, we lead them to Him. Back in the 1970s the bishops summarized at least seven guidelines for catechists because they thought the catechist's work was so important. When you work with students, you will encounter many questions, even humorous ones. Answer all of them, for it shows their interest. They will grow to mature Christians. Why has God created us? He is hoping that all people may know, love and serve Him. Each one should fulfill his duty to make this possible.
          Throughout the book the author quotes many pertinent sources, Church documents and teaching of bishops after the Second Vatican Council, all of which appear at the bottom of the page. Besides, Acknowledgments, Preface, Introduction, Prayer before Reading this Book, a Prayer for Catechists, etc. there are Other Resources. --Jovian P. Lang, O.F.M. in the July-August 2008 issue of Library Review

Old new catechesis: Those involved in catechetical and parish ministry know the glazed eyes look you get sometimes from students. It frustrated author David J. Wilson enough as a religious education teacher and director that he looked for a way to teach the awesome news in a way that reached all the students. A Practical Guide for Imparting the Faith is the fruit of all that work. He decided to base his program on Christ's own method. The goal of the book is to offer practical advice to those in parish ministry so that by following the steps set forth in the process -- from laying the foundation to putting the faith into practice by serving others -- students will more easily assimilate and apply what is being taught to their lives. Drawing heavily on Church documents and teachings, the book takes a theological concept and applies it to practical experience. Perfect for any grade level or program. --Crux of the News, January 15, 2007

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