Who We Are

ST PAULS - USA is an apostolic activity of the Priests and Brothers of the Society of Saint Paul - USA Region.

The mission of the Society of St. Paul as a congregation is set forth in its Constitutions and Directory which reads: "The Society of St. Paul is a religious clerical congregation of apostolic life. It sets as its goal for its members the perfect charity - to be attained through the spirit and and practice of the vows of chastity, poverty, obedience and fidelity to the Pope, in common life, in accordance with the norms of the present Constitutions - and the evangelization of humankind through the apostolate by means of social communications."

At the start of the third millennium, the Society of St. Paul, in its ministry of evangelization, defines itself as a Single Multimedia Publisher. Such definition is linked with the Apostolic Project of the Congregation which is the accepted instrument of the multimediality of the Pauline Apostolate.

Single Pauline Multimedia Publisher means as follows:

Publisher: communicates with creativity Jesus Christ  the Way, the Truth and the Life and "Whatever is true, honorable, just..." (Phi 4:8), adopting to and respecting the various human and cultural realities.

Single: has common editorial priorities and the same requirements in organization and coordination at national and international levels.

Multimedia: is a protagonist in its thinking on the culture of communication and utilizes languages, technologies, according to necessities, contexts and situations.

Pauline: imitates the apostolic zeal of St. Paul , knowing how to involve various collaborators and fulfilling their proper mission within the culture of communication.