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Author: Msgr. Laurence J. Spiteri PhD JCD

At Your Fingertips is a short introduction to the history of the Catholic Church covers the centuries from the inception of the Catholic Church when Jesus entrusted the keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter to the time following the Second Vatican Council (1965). The reader will, therefore, find along with historical events, the teachings of the Church and the faith-filled activities of the Church's faithful members, clergy and laity alike.

  • At Your Fingertips. Volume 1: A History of the Roman Catholic Church until the Council of Trent
  • At Your Fingertips. Volume 2: The Triumphs and Intrigues of the Renaissance Popes
  • At Your Fingertips. Volume 3: The Catholic Counter-Reformation
  • At Your Fingertips. Volume 4: The Catholic Church Rides the Waves of Turbulent History
  • At Your Fingertips. Volume 5: From the Council of Trent to Post-Vatican II

About the Author: Monsignor Laurence J. Spiteri, JCD, PhD, is the author of At Your Fingertips: The Catholic Church Rides the Waves of Turbulent History (1648-1848) (2011); At Your Fingertips: the Catholic Counter-Reformation (2010); At Your Fingertips: the Triumphs and Intrigues of the Renaissance Popes (2009); At Your Fingertips: A History of the Roman Catholic Church Until the Council of Trent (2008), The Ten Commandments: A Positive Approach Toward Catholic Morality, Lifestyle and Attitude (2007) and The Code in the Hands of the Laity: Canon Law for Everyone (1997). He was most recently one of the contributors to the book A Priest for All Liturgical Season (2009) and is the translator into English of the very fine wok of Cardinal Pierre Philippe, The Virgin Mary and the Priesthood (1993), all published by ST PAULS /Alba House. Presently he is in charge of the legal office of the Vatican Apostolic Library and a judge on the Court of Appeals for the Roman See.

Book: 1342 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-1351-8
Prod. Code: 1351-8


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