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Sr. Carole Riley, CDP, PhD

Sr. Carole Riley, CDP, PhD, is a presenter of spiritual seminars throughout the world. In this triple-disc set audio presentation to therapeutic professionals, Sr. Carole attempts to address the painful reality of DENYING DENIAL . DENIAL is a basically a defense mechanism in which a person is faced with facts that are too uncomfortable to accept and ultimately rejects them, insisting that they are not true, despite what may be overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
The concept of DENYING OF DENIAL involves thoughts, actions and behaviors, which bolster confidence that nothing needs to be changed in one's personal behavior. Sr. Carole's presentation reminds the listener that Denial is particularly important to the study of addiction. Through a series of personal exercises, Sr. Carole orients her listeners toward a deeper understanding of the whole concept of DENIAL and its consequences, and proposes a solution, which ultimately is the call to spiritual integration and wholeness.
She also provides a multitude of written bibliographical and presented resources that are available for one's own therapeutic work. By walking through the many and varied stages of human life and growth, Sr. Carol demonstrates how many choose to live in DENIAL, rather than face reality of life. In this gripping and involved presentation, she addresses all aspects of DENYING OF DENIAL and its ramifications from the early stages of human growth into adulthood.
Sr. Carole Riley is currently the Executive Director of the West Virginia Institute for Spirituality in Charleston, WV.

3 CDs, 2 hrs. & 35 minutes, plus outline
Prod. Code: CD-612

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