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Reflections on the Responsorial Psalms, Cycles A-B-C

Author: Michael Goonan, SSP
Copyright: 2001
First Printed: 08-06-2001

The Responsorial Psalm is a precious, though often neglected part of the Liturgy of the Word. The reflections in this book draw out the riches of the psalm verses set down for each of the Sundays of the three cycles — A, B, and C — and consider the other readings in the light of the psalm. This book will assist preachers looking for a fresh approach to the Sunday readings and all who wish to enter prayerfully into the spirit of the Sunday liturgy and find nourishment therein for their daily lives.

About the Author: Michael Goonan, SSP, a Pauline priest, currently serves as the congregational leader of the Society of St. Paul in Australia. With degrees in journalism, theology, Christian spirituality, and experience in religious formation and publishing, he has a special interest in writing on themes in contemporary spirituality. He is the author of the very popular little work entitled The Crucifix that Spoke to St. Francis, Alba House, 2000.

Book: 208 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0898-9
Prod. Code: 0898-X


"For both liturgists and pray-ers: Helpful and well-organized new book from Australian Pauline priest-scholar, Fr. Michael Goonan, SSP. Title: Praying the Sunday Psalms (Reflections on the Responsorial Psalm: Years A-B-C).-- Seasons, Ordinary Time, Solemnities and Feasts; with reference to 3 major readings in the Mass. among the author's points: *Focus is on Sunday Psalms, considered in context of total Sunday liturgy as well as the Psalm's original setting. *Book is best referenced over 3-year cycle versus one sitting, and is intended as an aid to prayer. *Emphasis is on prayer (as Psalms are prayer) that will assist readers in daily living, finding inspiration in the spirit of the Sunday Psalms. Noted: Numbering of the Psalms in this book uses the Hebrew form, with the Greek numbering in parenthesis -- helpful info if one is seeking the quotations in the Bible; author recalls that the Sunday Missal or Lectionary is ordinarily the "ideal companion" for exploring/studying the Sunday Psalms (since the liturgical books use the Greek numbering of the Psalms -- different from the Hebrew numbering -- with texts set accordingly). The book offers an extensive index of Psalm Texts." -- Crux of the News, November 19, 2001

"How many times have you preached or heard someone preach on the Responsorial Psalms? Rarely, but they are part of the Liturgy of the Word. For each Sunday, these reflections pull out the treasures contained therein as they relate to the other readings of that day. Only one page per Sunday, but within is sufficient material for those who preach or for those who want to understand the true spirit of the Sunday Liturgy to satisfy their weekly hunger. Similar material may be hard to locate elsewhere. The content page enables you to find the exact page for every Sunday. The refrain verse of the psalm text is the title of each page. An index of the Psalm text is at the end of the book." --Jovian P. Lang, OFM in Catholic Library World