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Rev. Howard Bleichner

Preachers, teachers, serious students and religious education directors will find this program stimulating, enlightening, and informative. Rev. Howard Bleichner uses the historical critical method to give a unified vision of the faith. This method that has proven so our understanding of God, salvation and the Church fit together.
He uses the historical critical method to bring the elements of systematic theology together in a way that makes eminent sense. This unified vision of the faith will strengthen the listener’s convictions and prepare the listener to more effectively explain the faith to others. Overcoming fragmentation of theology is no easy task but drawing on his years as a teacher and scholar he manages in these four lectures to do just that.
He shows how the understanding of God, Christ, the Trinity and the Church has developed overtime and how our understanding of the faith compares with the Orthodox and protestant views. Within Catholicism we have a unique blend of reason, law and faith. The historical perspective that is brought to bear in these presentations is needed today to make Church’s distinctive wisdom and insight intelligible in our own historical circumstances. Reflecting on the inner life of God and how God interacts with creation and humanity is a task every believer should undertake.
These lectures will be an excellent review for all those who have spent their lives studying the doctrines of the Church and a perfect introduction for those who have just begun their serious study of the treasures of our faith.

4 CDs, 3 hrs.
Prod. Code: CD-568


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