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Rev. Lawrence Boadt, CSP, SSD

The history, personalities, and politics behind the book of Jeremiah spring to life in Fr. Boadt’s reveting presentation. The listener will come to know the worries, tragedies, and passions of the great prophet Jeremiah. Whatever the listener’s background, this five hour presentation will reveal how God works in the midst of a violent, tumultuous world. Jeremiah’s relationship and influence on the other great prophets of Israel is brought home here but more importantly Jeremiah instructs the reader of today how to be courageous and wise in the service of God. With the book of Jeremiah being the third largest in the Old Testament, its importance cannot be overstated.
Teachers especially will benefit from the information Fr. Boadt reveals about Jeremiah and his eternal relevance to the human situation. Teachers will be inspired not only by the information Fr. Boadt conveys but the enthusiasm with which he speaks.
Preachers will be able to draw upon Fr. Boadt’s numerous parallels between Jesus and Jeremiah and make their sermons and homilies more intellectually satisfying and spiritually uplifting. Fr. Boadt demonstrates that both Jeremiah and Jesus were used as suffering servants in the history of salvation and both were conduits of the Holy Spirit. The price that every prophet pays is high indeed but the rewards are immeasurably greater then we can imagine.
The listener will better be able to grasp the color of the times of Jeremiah and identify with the drama that fills the great prophet’s life. In the process the listener will be better prepared to hear the voice of God speaking today.

Produced in collaboration with the National Institute for Clergy Formation of Seton Hall University.

5 CDs plus outline, 5 hrs. of presentation
Prod. Code: CD-531

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