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Bishop Robert F. Morneau

Jessica Powers died a Carmelite in 1988 at 83 years of age. Her early years were spent in the countryside of southwestern Wisconsin followed by a period in New York where she discovered her poetic talent, had her work published and then heard the call to the cloister. Bishop Morneau speaks of the importance of having a companion on life’s journey and one of his is Jessica. The voice of the Spirit, he remarks, must find its expression and, as St. John of the Cross showed, poetry is ideal for this. The effect of good religious poetry is to stop us, make us look, and even take our breath away. It stirs us to wake up, be astonished, and live in wonder at the God-presence around us.
There are extensive quotes from the poetry illustrating the author’s constant searching, her reflection and her experiential awareness of the Lord as reflected, for example, in the stupendous poem, “Not With Wine.” If her name is unknown to you, then this is an excellent introduction to one of the most significant of American religious poets.

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