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Contemporary scholarship brings into sharp focus Jesus’ Jewish roots. The attempts over the centuries to suppress or ignore this truth has led to formal heresies, as in the case of Marcion, and innumerable distortions of the nature and meaning of Jesus, his teaching and his life. For centuries the Jewishness of Jesus was ignored or even denied and this had enormous and horrible consequences. The listener of this series will gain a deeper understanding of teaching of Jesus, the priest, prophet and messiah upon which the Church is built. The First Century Jewish conception of the role of the priest, prophet and messiah are all examined and explained in this series. Doyle clearly shows how the Jewish prayer life and Jewish feasts affected Jesus. He outlines how the Eucharist and the Passover are connected and how the Eucharist is not primarily a way to make the past present but it allows the heavenly liturgy, the eternal worship to erupt into time and space as Christ the High Priest offers himself to us and his Father in the sacrament. The First Century culture is brought to life in these presentations in such a way that we can better incorporate our understanding of Christ into our own 21st century situation. With an understanding of the roots of Jesus’ own spirituality we are able to better understand our own spiritual journey. Teachers, preachers and those interested in Jewish Christian dialogue will all benefit greatly from this presentation.

5 CDs, 7 ½ hours
Prod. Code: CD-536

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