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Catholic Morality in the Modern World

Author: Christopher P. Klofft, STD
Copyright: 2008
First Printed: 08-18-2008

Does morality matter any more and if so why? To listen to the modern media one would be led to the conclusion that it is all relative. A morality based on laws, on do’s and don’ts, doesn’t speak to our world today in which there is a disconnect between what we profess and how we live. And still we all know that for relationships to work on any level, there has to be some common understanding about what is right and what is wrong. The novelty of the approach used here is that it is an “issue-oriented” one placed in the context of the love relationship each one of us has with God and, ultimately, with one another. Complaints and common misconceptions about what the Catholic Church teaches regarding topics as varied as right-to-life issues to matters concerning honesty in our dealings with one another are aired and answered here in a way that will resonate with the grandparent discussing the Church with his or her adult child who has fallen away from the Church, to the Catholic in the workplace who is frustrated by hearing the “Catholic bashing” that goes on at luchtime and wants to know how to respond, or the college student who is trying to understand why they should remain Catholic when society tempts them to live otherwise. This work is for those with “faith seeking understanding,” specifically in regard to the Church’s teaching on matters of morality.

About the Author: A lay professor of moral theology at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he teaches undergraduate students, Catholic seminarians and a wide variety of adult audiences at both the parish and diocesan level, Dr. Christopher P. Klofft received his Doctorate of Sacred Theology from the Catholic University of America. His special love is in teaching “regular” Catholics, those with a profound love of the Church but not necessarily with a strong background in philosophy and theology. It was their questions and comments that have prompted the writing of this book.

Book: 254 pages
ISBN-10: 0-8189-1263-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-8189-1263-4
Prod. Code: 1263-4

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"Christopher P. Klofft has provided those interested in the study of Catholic moral theology with a fine and complete introduction to the fundamental themes of this theological discipline. In a popular style, Klofft provides a presentation of Catholic morality that is reflective of the basic truth of Christianity that we are saved not by knowledge but by love. Professor Klofft rightly views the living out of morality that is, "new life in Christ," as a means of promoting the new evangelization. His emphasis that Catholic morality in the modern world receives its transformative power through the sacred liturgy is theologically and pastorally crucial. It is in and through the Eucharist that the moral agent personally encounters Jesus Christ who is the Way and the Truth and the Life. Living the Love Story: Catholic Morality in the Modern World is a most welcome addition to the growing contribution of Catholic lay theologians to the development of the Catholic moral tradition." --Most Reverend Robert J. McManus, STD, Bishop of Worcester

In this work Dr. Christopher Klofft Displays for us a love story -- that between God and humanity. With the deft strokes of an artist he paints the contours of this story in colors both warm and vivid. Klofft describes the basic parameters of the moral life as understood by the Catholic tradition and then moves easily into the vexing areas of life issues, sexuality, medicine, and of social and political ethics. Throughout this work Klofft never loses sight of the centrality of love in the tableaux of the Christian life. Written with a lucidity that makes it accessible to the beginner and yet with the nuance that separates it from mere popularization, this is an attractive text for introductory courses in moral theology for both college-level and adult-ed courses." --John S. Grabowski, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of Moral Theology/Ethics in the School of Theology and Religious Studies at The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

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