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Author: John P. Flanagan
Copyright: 2006
First Printed: 09-22-2006

Erma Bombeck once wrote, "When I stand before God at the end of my life I would hope that not one single bit of talent is left, and I could say, 'I had used everything You gave me.'" To use as effectively as possible the time, talents and energy we have been given by God is what this book is all about. Time is short, our obligations are many, the needs of those we serve are often serious and urgent. How we juggle these disparate elements of our lives in such a way that we don't burn out in the process but are rather enriched ourselves in the ministry we perform is very important. The author calls upon his many years of involvement in management and ministry to provide the helpful advice found in these pages. May all those involved in ministry of any kind find herein the enlightenment and encouragement they seek.

About the Author: John P. Flanagan is a Permanent Deacon, married with five children and fifteen grandchildren, Korean War Veteran, past member of the American Management Association in New York City, former Vice President of Administration for The Prudential Property and Casualty Insurance Co., creator of the Catholic Church Campaigns where he directed capital fundraising programs for the construction of over 30 new churches and parish centers in the five New Jersey Dioceses, Director of Stewardship for the Trenton Diocese, a certified instructor with Dale Carnegie Associates, a member of the National Speakers Association, and an active storyteller with the Jersey Shore Storytelling Group.

Book: 160 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-1233-7
Prod. Code: 1233-2


         Any busy minister should take time to read Managing Your Time, Energy, and Talent in Ministry, by John P. Flanagan. Flanagan, a permanent deacon, applies "sound management techniques to the special and diverse vocation of ministry."
         He begins with reflections on the shortness of time and life and quickly moves into the role of stewardship. He states, "We live a life of stewardship when we acknowledge that God has literally given us everything we have and therefore we have an obligation to  return to Him, through orthers, a portion of those gifts."
         Throughtout the rest of the book, he develops his concept of time management, energy management and self management based on stewardship. The rest of the book is devoted to setting goals for ministry and life. In an appendix, he provides model forms to assist the reader.
         For already excellent ministry manger, Flanagan offers some good refresher points. For those who still struggle with ministry management, Flanagan offers strategies to help readers change and manage their "time and talents more effectively for the Lord." -- The Priest, March 2008

Giving it allManaging Your Time, Energy and Talent in Ministry by permanent Deacon John P. Flanagan has a very straightforward goal: To teach and encourage people to use as effectively as possible the time, talents and energy they have been given by God. Perfect for the "I can do it all myself A" personality or those struggling to maintain energy in a busy -- or over-busy -- parish. Our time is short, and our obligations are many. The needs of those we serve are often serious and urgent. How we juggle the disparate elements of our lives so we don't burn out but rather are enriched in the process is key. The back portion of the book includes help for those who are trying to get organized: Goals for getting to God; a Time Log to help stop wasting it; and other helpful ways to keep on top of your time and energy, all to ensure that you and your staff are giving back to God without becoming drained in the process. --Crux of the News, February 5, 2007

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