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Author: Msgr. Charles Dollen
Copyright: 1997
First Printed: 03-16-1998

The human spirituality of Jesus Christ, the universal King of all creation, was formed during the many hours he spent in prayer at home and in the synagogue with Mary and Joseph reciting the psalms, many of which were attributed to another king: David, the King of Judah and Israel who lived nearly a thousand years earlier. These song-prayers continue to inspire and edify two thousand years after the time of Jesus because they so wonderfully reflect true human values that transcend time and culture. They enhance our liturgies and form the basis of the official prayer of the Church, the Divine Office; they lift our spirits and express the deepest yearnings of the human heart. As such, the more we can know about them, the more satisfaction we can derive from their recitation. This popular commentary on each of the psalms draws not only from the personal experience of the author, but from a vast array of writers from the Fathers of the Church to contemporary sages, from noted saints to the Councils of the Church. All who use this book for personal meditation and enjoyment, or for assistance in preparing their homilies, will be enormously enriched in their understanding and appreciation of the psalms: the prayer book of the King.

About the Author: Msgr. Charles J. Dollen, pastor of St. Gabriel Church, Poway, California and contributing editor and columnist for The Priest magazine, is the editor of the highly acclaimed abridged editions of St. Alphonsus Liguori’s classics,The Holy Eucharist (Alba House, 1994) and The Glories of Mary (Alba House, 1990), as well as of St. Francis de Sales’Introduction to the Devout Life (Alba House, 1992). He likewise authored the 1988 Catholic Digest Book Club selection My Rosary: Its Power and Mystery.

Book: 320 pages
ISBN-10: 0-8189-0751-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8189-0751-7
Prod. Code: 0751-7

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"This is a book of interpretation that resembles midrash rather than one of analysis that is critical. It does not attempt to discover what the psalms originally meant, but what they might mean to us today. The relatively short meditations that accompany each of the one hundred fifty psalms of the Psalter all profess an explicit Christological devotion that moves beyond the respective psalm in a way that midrash might. These are reflections that draw their inspiration from many different sources, such as personal experience, ancient and modern poets, Jewish masters, and Christian classics. Since the biblical text is not given, it will have to be supplied if one is to understand the source of the reflection." --Dianne Bergant, C.S.A. in The Bible Today, September 1998

"Dollen has undertaken an almost impossible task in approaching all the Psalms for exposition but he does a rather amazing job. This little book is recommended to all readers who wish to know more about the Psalms to enrich their understanding and appreciation." -- Arnold Rzepecki in Catholic Library World, September 1998

"A little help with the Psalms: This new book of commentary on each of the Psalms from the editor/writer, Msgr. Charles Dollen, provides sequential commentaries, covering the Psalms gathered into 5 books. [Commentaries] are provided by the author and other contemporary writers, but also stem from the writings of the saints, Fathers of the Church, and others. Cited by the author: The Psalms (majority attributed to David) offer 2000 years of wisdom in understanding human values; they were also the basis of prayer which informed the spirituality of Jesus learned at home with Mary and Joseph as well as in the synagogue. Indices cover subject and biblical references as well as authors cited. --Crux of the News , April 27, 1998

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