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Weeks 22 through 34 of Ordinary Time
Meditations/homilies for the Weekday of the Year - St. Luke

Author: Rev. Harold A. Buetow
Copyright: 2002
First Printed: 10-18-2002

Homilists today face many challenges. Their congregations consist of old and young, rich and poor, educated and not so well educated. There are young college students who are tired of homilies that are too elementary and say nothing worthwhile to the problems that they are face. There are others who feel that they are spiritually deprived by homilies that are too bland. And there are still others who are looking for some insights into the secular world in which they live and which has no time for church or the things of God. Preaching, of course, is everybody's job but it is principally the responsibility of priest or deacon who presides at the liturgy. He will need all the help he can get. This third volume in a series of Meditations/Homilies for the Weekdays of the Year covers weeks twenty-two through thirty-four and focuses mainly on the gospel of St. Luke, the most joyful of all the gospels. Hence the title, Rejoicing the Hope.

About the Author: The author of a book of Pastoral Talks for Special Occasions (Alba House, 1994) and a highly-acclaimed trilogy of reflections on the Readings for the Sundays and Holy Days of the Liturgical Year (Alba House, 1997): God Still Speaks: Listen! (Cycle A), All Things Made New (Cycle B), and Ode to Joy (Cycle C), Harold A. Buetow, PhD, JD is a priest from the Diocese of Brooklyn who spent thirty years at Catholic University where he taught and was Senior Staff Editor onThe New Catholic Encyclopedia. His present trilogy of Meditations / Homilies for the Weekdays of the Year includes Thirst for Life (Weeks 1 through 9), The New Out of the Old (Weeks 10 through 21), and Rejoicing in Hope (Weeks 22 through 34 of Ordinary Time).

Book: 414 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0932-0
Prod. Code: 0932-3

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"These three volumes (Thirst for LifeThe New Out of the Old, and Rejoicing in Hope) are part of one continuous set of reflections on the Lectionary readings for the two-year weekday cycle of Ordinary Time. Each volume concentrates on the selections from each of the Synoptic Gospels, although the author also offers briefer comment on the accompanying first reading for each of the two-year cycle of the weekday readings (from either the Old Testament or the New Testament letters). The reflections offer deft summaries of the biblical message for each passage along with succinct connections to human experience. These volumes could serve either as solid spiritual reading to accompany the liturgical year or as a source of homily ideas." --Donald Senior, C.P. in The Bible Today, Jan/Feb 2003

"About everyday: Fine new 3-volume series that will be a great help to homilists, as well as useful to individuals and groups rooting regular prayer in the liturgy and readings. Title: Meditations/Homilies for the Weekdays of the Year by Brooklyn priest and veteran Catholic University of America professor, Fr. Harold A. Buetow, PhD JD. Titles available: (1) Thirst for Life: Weeks 1 through 9 of Ordinary Time - St. Mark, which also includes coverage of the Epistles, as well as Old Testament books (Genesis, History and Wisdom), with major focus on the Gospel. (2) The New Out of the Old: Weeks 10 through 21 of Ordinary Time - St. Matthew, plus attention to 2 Corinthians and 1 & 2 Thessalonians, along with Old Testament writings (Pentateuch, Historical, and Prophecy books); with major emphasis on the Gospel; (3) Rejoicing in Hope: Weeks 22 through 34 of Ordinary Time - St. Luke; looking at the Epistles, Book of Revelation, and Old Testament writings (History, Prophecy, and Wisdom), with chief emphasis on the Gospel. Common to all three -- What the author calls "too much material" to be used on any one weekday, since the material is condensed, useful year after year; when possible, the First Readings (Year 1 and Year 2) are connected with the day's Gospel. Noted: The text concentrates on the correct emphasis, relevance and human realities versus dwelling on technicalities (source Q, J, E), or modes of speech. Each book carries helpful Introductions to the Scriptures featured in that text." --Crux of the News, December 16, 2002

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