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Author: Augustin Poulain, S.J.
Edited by: Frank Sadowski, S.S.P.
Copyright: 1998
First Printed: 06-16-1998

The world today is filled with Catholic and non-Catholic visionaries, seers and prophets. Hundreds of thousands of faithful have gone on pilgrimages to the sites of private revelations and apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Best-selling books are filled with details of the life of Christ allegedly revealed from heaven. The newspapers regularly cover stories of visionaries turning parishes upside down with their claims and the crowds they draw. TV preachers constantly warn us about the Antichrist and predict that the Second Coming is near at hand. What are pastors, spiritual directors, seminarians and the average layperson to make of all this? Are any of these things true? If so, which ones? How can we tell? A century ago, Father Augustin Poulain wrote this classic work on the guidelines the Church has given us to discern the truth and reject the false regarding visions and revelations. He drew on Scripture, the teachings of St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila, as well as his own experience as a spiritual director and teacher. His work was endorsed by Pope St. Pius X, and generations of priests encountered his ideas at second or third hand in standard textbooks. But Father Poulain didn’t write a dull textbook. His work is concrete, practical, down-to-earth and witty. He provides solid guidelines for judging private revelations, visions and prophecies. The startling case histories he gives read as if they took place just the other day. Here, for the first time, his insights are made available to a wide audience.

About the Author: Augustin Francois Poulain was born in 1836 in France and entered the Jesuits in 1858. He had a long career as a priest, spiritual director, librarian, mathematics professor, author and scholar. After forty years of study and personal experience, he wrote his masterpiece, The Graces of Interior Prayer (1901), from which Revelations and Visions is excerpted. Father Poulain died in 1919.

Book: 152 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0793-7
Prod. Code: 0793-2

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"The Holy Father [Pope Pius X] has confided to me the agreeable mission of conveying to you his warm and sincere thanks for your remarkable treatise on Mystical Theology entitled: The Graces of Interior Prayer, the fifth edition of which you have just published. His Holiness is rejoiced at the fruitful result of your long years of study, spent in observing the ways of grace in souls aspiring to perfection. He is happy to see that now, thanks to you, directors of consciences possess a work of great worth and high utility. You not only rely upon the incontestable doctrine of the old masters who have treated this very difficult subject, but you present these teachings, which constitute your authorities, under the form that our age requires. While wishing your work a great success and abundant spiritual fruits, His Holiness grants to your Paternity the Apostolic Benediction. In acquainting you with this favor, I am happy to assure you of my own sentiments of high esteem." --Cardinal Merry Del Val, Rome, April 2, 1907


"It is with real satisfaction that I have read your Reverence's book, The Graces of Interior Prayer. I cannot resist the desire to congratulate you with all my heart for this fine and useful work. Directors of souls and the masters of the spiritual life will draw from it abundant supplies of enlightenment and the counsels necessary to enable them to solve the many complicated questions that they will encounter. What pleases me most is the simplicity, the clarity and the precision of your exposition, and still more the solidity of the teaching." --+A. Cardinal Steinhuber, Rome, March 16, 1904

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