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Author: Pierre Descouvemont
Translated by: Alexandra Plettenberg-Serban
Copyright: 1997
First Printed: 10-08-1997
Reprints: 2000

In 1894, after having spent her youth in Paris, Marie-Louis Castel entered the Carmel of Lisieux. She was twenty years old. Thoughtful and full of life she was the beneficiary of the advice and friendship of her young mistress of novices: Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus. She lived in the Carmel of Lisieux until her death in 1944 putting into practice in her daily life the 'little way' taught to her by her saintly novice mistress. Her recollections have been put together here by Fr. Pierre Descouvemont, well known for his studies in Theresien spirituality. They constitute a unique witness regarding St. Thérèse and her entourage, and provide a first-hand account of life in the Carmel of Lisieux during the fifty years following the death of the Little Flower: the process of her canonization with all the consequences which that had on the day-to-day activities behind the cloister grill. The unpretentious testimony of Sr. Marie of the Trinity demonstrates very well how anyone who practices the 'spirituality of the smile' can reach heroic heights of sanctity. The cross became for her, as it was for St. Thérèse whom she so admired and sought to imitate, a source of great joy. Suffering terribly from a painful facial ulcer in the final years of her life, she remained always 'a child who knew no evil.' Her favorite saying, which she had learned from St. Thérèse and which she was known often to repeat was, 'No! Life is not sad!' It's an attitude and outlook on life that is found on every page of this inspiring work.

About the Author: Pierre Descouvemont is a priest of the diocese of Cambrai in Normandy, France, who has been an ardent follower and scholar of St. Thérèse of Lisieux for many years. He taught philosophy for 26 years and is presently called upon as a retreat master for pilgrims to Lisieux, where his characteristic joy is infectious. He has authored numerous books and articles about St. Thérèse, many of which have been translated into Italian and Portuguese. This is the first to be translated into English.

Book: 172 pages
ISBN-10: 0-8189-0732-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8189-0732-6
Prod. Code: 0732-0

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"I am delighted that this book is now available in English. It has a unique importance because of the closeness between Saint Therese and Marie of the Trinity. She is a primary witness to the doctrine of Therese and a very reliable guide in understanding it." --Most Rev. Patrick V. Ahern , Auxiliary Bishop of New York


"Therese of Lisieux and Marie of the Trinity, by French diocesan priest (Cambrai, Normandy) and Theresian scholar, Fr. Pierre Descouvemont, translated by Alexandra Plettenberg-Serban. First English translation of a unique look at St. Therese -- via the experience of her youngest novice; becomes a "first-hand" account of life in the Carmel of Lisieux during the fifty years following the death of Therese. Along with background on Sr. Marie, the book offers her testimony (she died in 1944), as well as the practice/experience of living out Theresian spriituality ("... of the smile" as well as "the little way"). With fascinating photos and documentation." --Crux of the News, August 10, 1998


"In 1894 at the age of 20, Marie-Louise Castel entered the Carmelite convent of Lisieux. St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus became her mistress of novices. She lived 'the little way' of St. Thérèse until her death in 1944. Pierre Descouvemont, a priest of the diocese of Cambrai, who is often called upon as a retreat master for pilgrims to Lisieux, describes Sister Marie's life and spirituality and includes her recollections of Thérèse, of life in the convent, and some of her spiritual writings. There are 27 illustrations, many in color." --Theology Digest, Winter 1998

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