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In an engaging, clear and crisp fashion Fr. Apostoli explains the life and works of St. Teresa, mystic and Doctor of the Church. He reveals the underlying theological foundations of her teachings and shows how her approach to God offers invaluable insights into the quest for total union with the Trinity. Focusing on the “Interior Castle”, he explains her understanding of the importance of vocal prayer, discursive meditation and the acquired consciousness of the presence of God. This state is arrived at through cultivation of the imagination, submission to the Divine Will and the attempt to live habitually in the presence of God. As profound as this state is, it is merely an introduction to the deepest stages of the spiritual life which consist of the prayer of quiet, union, mystical espousal, and finally the transforming union of “mystical marriage” in which the person becomes forgetful of self and filled with apostolic love for others. Holding a conversation with the Lord, studying his picture, reflecting on the scriptures and their meaning are all explained in detail. Laity, priests and religious will benefit. Teresa’s wisdom can change the most foolish heart and lead to love, adoration and thanksgiving, the true antidotes needed by any dispirited soul, community or Church.


Produced in collaboration with St. Edmund’s Retreat House, P.O. Box 399, Mystic CT 06355


10 CDs, approximatly 10 hrs. of talks

Prod. Code: CD-497

Author: Rev. Andrew Apostoli CFR M.SS

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