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Author: Jean Honore
Copyright: 1992
First Printed: 12-04-1992

In the spring of 1864, a series of articles signed with the illustrious but almost forgotten name of John Henry Newman appeared in the London Press. Thus a masterpiece of religious autobiography, the Apologia Pro Vita Sua, was born. Anglicans and Catholics alike suddenly realized that they had interred too quickly this genius and convert of Oxford. Bypassing polemics, Newman spoke in this work of his spiritual journey. Today, thanks to his intimate journals, letters, and unpublished papers, we have access to the prayer-centered spirituality which sustained him and can only be called “Newmanian.” But his thought and prayer can be mastered only within the context of his personal history and such a history is incomprehensible if we look only at the surface of events. It is their interior mystery which reveals their significance. Even had Newman been the only one to really understand this mystery, assuredly Archbishop Honoré has revealed it to us here in all its originality. Newman was a master of the interior life and no one, since Augustine, has expressed the truth about his own personal relationship with God with greater joy, nor has anyone since Francis de Sales witnessed to the demands of spiritual abandonment with greater love.

About the Author: Jean Honoré, Archbishop of Tours and a member of the Committee which prepared the Catechism of the Catholic Church, completed his studies at the Institut Catholique de Paris and was awarded a doctorate in Theology. He has published several highly acclaimed works on Newman.

Book: 263 pages
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"When John Henry Newman was received into the Catholic Church in 1845 many thought his career would come to an end. After ordination and a dead-end seven years heading the Catholic University of Dublin, it seemed he could go back to the Oratory and 'be hidden with Christ in God.' However, in 1864 he published the Apologia Pro Vita Sua and was plunged back into the limelight. Fascinating as all this glitter, glory and agony is, the spiritual development of the man is even more fascinating. That is what Archbishop Honore investigates in this volume so beautifully translated by Sr. Mary Christopher Ludden, S.C. Studying the published works and unpublished letters, the author shows us a spiritual journey as monumental as St. Augustine's and as moving as that of St. Francis de Sales. Highly recommended!" --Priest


"This gracefully written work of 252 pages discloses the prayer-centered spirituality of a man who was a master of the interior life as well as a great polemical thinker." --Brother Romeo J. Bonsaint, S.C. in Brothers


"Particularly edifying for our times is the cohabitation of orthodox piety and intellectual genius in the tradition of true doctors of the Faith. The French edition of this book appeared in 1963, but its quality is such that it is not at all dated, and one can be grateful for the fine translation by Sister Mary Christopher Ludden, S.C. The Archbishop of Tours was a member of the Committee which prepared the new Catechism so it is certain that the Church will further enjoy the influence of the luminous soul who never neglected 'the Kindly Light.'" --Rev. George W. Rutler in Homiletic and Pastoral Review


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