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Authors: John T. Catoir & Bill Lutz
Poetry by: Catherine de Vinck
Illustration by: Bill Lutz
Copyright: 2001
First Printed: 11-27-2000


Meditating on the passion and death of Jesus has been a pious devotion in the Catholic Church for centuries. Making the Stations of the Cross has been for countless generations a source of great blessing. We can identify with the sufferings of Jesus in so many ways: false accusations, rejection, persecution, fear, physical and mental anguish, and even death itself. All the pain of the world is mysteriously recapitulated in His final act of self-surrender. Ordinarily those making this devotion tend to focus on their own personal relationship with Jesus. In doing so, they draw upon His courage and strength in carrying the crosses of their lives. But there is a universal dimension that must not be overlooked as well. Upon deeper reflection, we are able to discover more about the meaning of the sufferings and humiliation of Jesus by thinking of those for whom He laid down His life. We become more aware of the mission of Jesus and more sympathetic to people everywhere who are the objects of His love and self-sacrifice. God’s love extends to everyone, especially those most in need of His mercy. The powerful poetry of Catherine de Vinck reminds us vividly of the many ways in which Jesus continues to suffer in our world each day in the victims of war, violence, injustice and physical and mental abuse. Wherever man’s inhumanity to man poisons our world, Jesus lays down His life in reparation. The illustrations of the Stations of the Cross by Bill Lutz help to underline the message of the meditations and make them come alive.


About the Authors:Father John T. Catoir is the Founder and Director of St. Jude’s Media Ministries, former Director of The Christophers and President of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. Besides reaching a wide public through radio, television and newspapers, he has written several books published by Alba House, including Enjoy the LordGod Delights in YouEnjoy Your Precious LifeWorld Religious, and Where Do You Stand With the Church?

Born in Brussels, Catherine de Vinck came to the United States in 1948. The author of a dozen books of poetry and the 1975 recipient of the Keats Poetry Prize, she has received honorary doctorates for her literary accomplishments from three American universities.

Born in Flint, Michigan in 1951, Bill Lutz graduated from Northwestern Michigan College in 1972 and currently lives in Reno, Nevada where he was commissioned to do the Stations of the Cross for the new cathedral, which are reproduced in this booklet. He won the Oregon Biennial in 1987 for his work Tribunal, and recently completed two new series of paintings, The New Prophets and Confronting the Beasts.


Book: 64 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0885-9
Prod. Code: 0885-8




"Stations for year-round reflection: A powerful new booklet for those in pain from life's troubles from media expert, writer, editor and pastoral minister, Fr. John T. Catoir (former director of The Christophers); referencing Poetry byCatherine de Vinck; and Illustrations by Bill Lutz (Station images commissioned for the new cathedral in Reno, Nevada). What is different about this booklet? Rather than building on the reader's personal relationship with Jesus, the text looks at the meaning of Christ's sufferings for those for whom Christ offered His sacrifice, even those beyond the Mystical Body of Christ. "He has carried the cross of every single person in human history." From the author: "I dedicate this work to everyone who has known pain, that they may see Jesus as the source of their strength and joy." --Crux of the News, May 14, 2001

Author: John T. Catoir & Bill Lutz
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0885-9

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