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Author: Salvador Carrillo Alday, M.Sp.S.
Copyright: 2010
First Printed: 10-15-2010

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Any theological study of the Guadalupe Event must take into account the historical setting and the literary context in which the story has come down to us. The apparitions of Mary in 1531 to Juan Diego are set forth in detail in the Nican Mopohua, the classic work of Don Antonio Velenriano that is studied in this work. They are extraordinarily rich in revealing the loving nature of God, the spiritual maternity of Mary, the role of the prophet and the theology of witnessing. The supernatural and the natural are woven together in a truly divine environment in which the Gospel is proclaimed in the form of a sign imprinted on the tilma of St. Juan Diego. The central role of the Church is emphasized throughout. Mary is seen as mother, queen, advocate and helper of the poor. This work emphasizes the Native American context of the Guadalupe Event and also includes a fresh translation into English of the Nican Mopohua.

About the Author: Father Salvador Carrillo Alday, a Missionary of the Holy Spirit, was ordained a priest in Rome in 1952. He received his master’s degree in theology from St. Thomas University in 1954 and became diplomate of the Ecole Biblique Française in Jerusalem in 1956. He obtained his doctorate in Sacred Scripture from the Vatican Pontifical Biblical Commission in Rome in 1967. From then to 1981 he taught New Testament at the Superior Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies and New and Old Testament at the Theology School of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. An active member of the group founded by the Pontifical University in Mexico, he directed the Biblical section of the Theological Pastoral Institute CELAM in Medellin, Colombia and founded the Institute of the Pastoral Bible for laity in Mexico and is the author of over sixty books, mostly on the Bible.

Book: 110 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-1
Prod. Code: 1326-6

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