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If you are feeling intense stress about the future, are losing sleep, are experiencing a vague sense of disaster, are blaming everyone else for your anxiety, are overlooking your accomplishments and focusing on your failures, are distorting mistakes and thinking of them as catastrophes, if you are seeing everything in terms of black and white, all or nothing, this presentation can help to set you free and develop a more humane outlook on life and a more realistic wholesome way of existence. Sr. Riley explains the dynamics of the future oriented anxiety that gives us the sense of being out of control and is rooted in negative childhood experiences. She explains how the worry from profound panic attacks and other debilitating conditions and everyday worries are interrelated and yet distinct. In faith and with the help of friends we can face a great number of out fears and use them to help us live more humane lives. She shows the relationship between work, relationships, and our spiritual life. Drawing on her knowledge of scriptures, the insights of the saints, and modern psychology she gives simple yet effective ways to be a love seeker and giver rather then a faultfinder. Through the use of mediation, reflections on the faith and the use of music she helps the listener to begin to develop a more healthy and productive way to deal with worry. She shows the power of “negative thinking” as opposed to “positive illusions” and gives a strategy of prayer, prioritizing, and separating real from imagined fears. Includes songs, “Calm Me Lord” and “Do not Worry”.

2 CDs plus outline
Prod. Code: CD-499

Author: Sr. Carole Riley CDP PhD

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