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Revised and Updated Edition

Author: John J. O'Meara
Copyright: 2001
First Printed: 07-10-2001

When the first edition of this scholarly study of the Confessions of St. Augustine appeared several decades ago, it received an enthusiastic reception and heralded a new era in Augustinian studies. Since then its reputation has grown and it is now accepted as a standard work which no one seriously interested in Augustine can afford to leave unread. Augustine’s formative years, up to his conversion, present a formidable task for a biographer: his was a complex personality blending strong sensual, spiritual and intellectual traits. He was most certainly a child of his era, an age so difficult to understand and appreciate. Professor O’Meara with his vast knowledge of the man and his times, has presented a readable and balanced portrait of Augustine as a young man. His work gives us a clearer understanding of one of the towering figures in the history of Christendom.

Book: 256 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0833-0
Prod. Code: 0833-5

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"The first edition of this book was published almost a half a century ago. The intervening years have provided access to newly discovered and translated writings by and about Augustine and his contemporaries, and also to the evolving body of Augustinian scholarship. During that time, the author's original thesis has gained in acceptance. I confess that I knew very little about one of the most famous and influential writers of early Christianity. My knowledge of the times and locations in which he lived was just as limited. Therefore, it was a great privilege to have this slim volume as an introduction to both. O'Meara has made the study of Augustine his life's work, and that is evident in every page. He presents his material as if he were teaching a class on the subject, and the reader is his one and only pupil. The book covers the life of Augustine, up to the time of his conversion to Christianity. It deals mainly with the writings of Augustine in his Confessions. The author steps in at just the right places with explanations, drawing one on to want to learn more.... The reasonable price and length of the book recommend it for those libraries that have the space, and especially those that serve congregations with active Bible study programs and student populations." --Julie Goltermann in Lutheran Libraries, Summer 2002


"The Young Augustine (first published in 1954) 'is now accepted as a standard work.' Professor O'Meara carefully follows the course of Augustine's life and his intellectual and spiritual development up to his conversion, making critical use of the Confessions and other sources. This edition has a brief note introducing the edition, an updated bibliography, a new index and a fresh new translation of parts of the Confessions." --Theology Digest, Spring 2002


"Revised look at AugustineJohn J. O'Meara takes his much heralded book, "The Young Augustine" and revises and updates it for more modern readers and times. The book takes a look at the personality and development of one of the most famous converts of the ages. Also includes an Index and select bibliography for more reading." --Crux of the News, December 3, 2001


"The book can be recommended to anyone who wishes to have a clearer understanding of one of the greatest figures in Christian history. a sober and coherent story which carefully avoids guesswork.. his verdict is always sensible and convincing."--Times Literary Sypplement


"Charmingly written against a background of wide and deep scholarship." --New York Times


"A critical work based on the Confessions... supplying a needed addition to English works on the subject" --America


"One of the three or four best books on patristic culture" --Norman F. Cantor


"The conclusions are significant.... The method O'Meara employs is a model of careful philological- historical analysis" --Robert M. Grant

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