How to join the Society of St. Paul

Applicants must be a practicing Catholic man between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age. A high school diploma is required. Applicants can apply after graduation from high school, during or after college. During this period a person makes regular visits to the community, submits a formal application and completes a battery of tests, both physical and psychological. Entrance dates are usually in September. Having performed a routine criminal background from a candidate, the Congregation makes an evaluation and recommends if he should proceed to a more formal program.

Once the candidate has been accepted into the Society he participates in the apostolate of the community, learning and working side by side with the Priests and Brothers. He gradually becomes familiar with the Pauline ministry. During the first two or three years of apostolic and religious formation, prior to first profession of vows, the candidate is responsible for his personal needs such as clothing, medical and dental expenses or any additional items.

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