Our Communities

Brought together in unity we live out the values of a community of consecrated persons, fully aware that we owe the Church and the world a concrete witness of the same. Following Christ, who asks of us a communion of life that of the divine Persons and points out that we will bear witness to him if we know how "to love one another as he loves us," we strive to implement what the Church aspires to: that the disciples of Christ lived united "heart and soul." (SSP Constitutions and Directory, no. 16.) 

In the United States, we are located in:

The Staten Island Community
2187 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, NY 10314

Tel: 718-761-0047
Fax: 718-761-0057
Email: provincialoffice@stpauls.us

The Canfield Community
9531 Akron-Canfield Road
Canfield, OH 44406

Tel: 330-533-5503
Fax: 330-533-1076
Email: paultheapostle@msn.com