The Wayside Shrine in Staten Island, New York

It is believed that the stones for this small grotto are from the old Victory Boulevard, which was repavedThe Alba House Shrine in Winter back around 1939. The shrine was constructed by the priests and brothers of the Society of St. Paul in honor of St. Anthony. Since that time it has become a place to honor Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as many saints. During its seventy-plus years of existence, the shrine has seen many miracles of faith. People have lit candles praying for and giving thanks for special favors: health, employment, finding lost objects, church and government leaders, loved ones, world peace, special intentions. During the 1970's the shrine fell into disuse and became a storage area. Toward the end of that decade the members, under the guidance of Father Anselm and Brother Aloysius, undertook the task of restoring the shrine. The place was shored up and new wiring was put in. Original stained-glass windows and mosaics over the windows and main door were done by Brother Tarcisius; the outdoor stations of the cross and rosary niche were added to the enlarged garden. A particularly poignant and sad time was the period after 9/11. The shrine was visited by people of all faiths for a moment of prayer while trying to make sense of the senseless - to understand what happened and to pray for those who gave up their lives. Every day the grotto saw new prayer cards and photographs of loved ones - a very sad time in the history of this small place of prayer. Today it is a calm escape for those seeking a quiet place to spend a moment or two in conversation with the Lord.