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Rev. John J. Cecero SJ PhD

Rev. John J. Cecero SJ PhD presents different strategies that are healthy and helpful with dealing with the enormous pressures and demands made upon men of God and he distinguishes the needs of the young, middle aged and elderly priest. At all stages in life, he explains how a priest needs to have healthy friendships and break off toxic and destructive relationships. He gives advice on creative and dynamic leadership and shows how the ministries of supervisor, boss, and pastor interact. Fr. Cecero explains how to break away from unhealthy ways of dealing with life and find our strength within a community of friends and family where joy and happiness can be shared as well as heartbreak and sorrow. He demonstrates how to face the divisions within the priesthood along age, ethnic, and theological lines. He does it in such a way as to give hope and courage to all.

Produced in collaboration with the National

5 talks on 3CDs, 3 hours of material
Prod. Code: CD-513

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