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Author: Dorothy M. Gaudiose

San Giovanni Rotondo was once only a quite, remote Italian village. But today, for countless millions, this town has become a spiritual mecca, radiating a renown comparable to that of Assisiand at times bustling with a pilgrimage-like atmosphere not unlike that of Fatima or Lourdes. This transformation has come about because of one edifying citizen, Padre Pio, a Capuchin priest, who from 1918 until his death in 1968, bore the wounds of Christ. Because of his holy life, he was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002.
Although Padre Pio’s earthly life has ended, devout admirers from the world over continue to stream into the town which has become synonymous with his name. They come seeking blessings, favors, and even miracles, as did countless believers before, while his inspiring stigmatist lived. Pio’s life has been surrounded with accounts of unusual spiritual phenomena and astonishing gifts of knowledge above the natural order, and yet, with peculiar suffering as well. He had throngs of followers and devotees but was not spared the humiliation of detractors and the derision of harsh critics.
Miss Gaudiose, drawing from years of on-the-scene of observation, offers a devout though detached presentation of the life of this amazing mystic and of the loving power of the Savior beyond the pain.

About the Author: Dorothy Gaudiose was born in Crabtree, and later moved to Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, where she taught English in the public school system. A graduate of Lock Haven State College where she majored in education and language, Miss Gaudiose held a master’s degree in education from, and was also part-time instructor at, Pennsylvania State University. After fifteen years of teaching at the secondary level, she spent a study-sabbatical at the Sorbonne, Paris.
Miss Gaudiose traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. She began writing at an early age and had articles and her own foreign travel accounts published in many known newspapers and journals. She first met Padre Pio in1950 and was also the author of Mary’s House about Padre Pio’s disciple, Mary Pyle. Miss Gaudiose passed away in 2002.

Book: 272 pages
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“Padre Pio’s story is told here in Prophet of the People by an obviously devoted admirer who drew from years of on-the-scene observations. The basic outlines of the tireless confessor who bore the wounds of the Crucified are quite well-known, but the author uses the great amount of details available to narrate a very readable and moving account of his life — from boyhood to his death in 1968 at the age of 81.” — Spiritual Book News.

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